GranBlue Fantasy Weapon


Weapons make up your grid. You can have up to 10 weapon in your grid. Just like grids, there are many different kinds of weapon in GBF. Here are some classes of weapons that make up the main grids:​

Weapon Type: Axe, Bow, Dagger, Gun, Harp, Katana, Melee, Saber, Staff, Spear

Class Weapons: Used in unlocking Row IV classes, obtained via Coop, Shop

Revenant Weapons: Used in obtaining The Eternals, obtained via GW

Bahamut Weapons: massive boost stats based on a character's race, obtained via baha raids, rusted weapons needed

Xeno Weapons: Obtained during Xeno Clash events

Seraphic Weapons: boost to damage against weaker element, obtained via clearing quest and Shop

100px-True_Judgement_Lyre_icon.jpg 100px-True_Phantom_Demon_Blade_icon.jpg 100px-Wrathfire_Longblade_icon.jpg 100px-Sahrivar_icon.jpg 100px-True_Glacial_Dream_Staff_icon.jpg 100px-True_Purity_Sunblade_icon.jpg